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Evaluating Go-To States for Setting up New Manufacturing Facility in India: Corporate Tax Cut Makes India and Attractive Investment Decision, find out which are the top states for making Fresh Investment in India

Micro grid opportunity in India: Identifying Unelectrified Locations that are best fit for electrification through microgrids

Successful ICE to EV Migration: InfraInsights Playbook for Auto component OEMs to navigate successfully into EV regime.

Plastic Waste to Oil: Evaluating an Inevitable, Game Changing Business Opportunity, Awaiting to Unfold in India

Setting up EV Charging Stations in India: Evaluating Top Locations / Clusters in India, Best Fit Business Model and Services

Evaluating Multi-billion Opportunity in Solid Waste Management in India across Urban Local Bodies and Commercial & Residential Setups

Multi-billion dollar opportunity for project & services in water & waste water treatment industry in India: What is the next Oil!

Electric Vehicles Motor Market in India by 2024-25: Estimating Demand for Electric Motor in Electric 2W, 3W, PV and CV

Quantifying Potential Impact of Water Shortage on Different Industries in India: Identifying Go-No Go regions for new capex & industrial clusters that might face existential crisis.

Demand Outlook for Industrial Diesel Engine Market in India by 2024-25: Infrastructure and Agriculture to Provide Leg up to Demand?

E-Rickshaw Market Potential in India: Estimating Demand for E-Rickshaw and its Components by 2024-25

Electric Two Wheeler Market in India by 2025: Emerging Opportunity in Inevitable Transformation from IC to EV in 2W Segment

Opportunity & Risks for Auto Component Manufacturers in India as EVization becomes Inevitable

Agriculture Implements Market in India by 2024-25: CHC, Direct Subsidy, Increased Outlay by State and Central Government will lead to 10-12% CAGR growth in Farm Implement Sector in India over the next 5 years!

Small Hydro Turbine Market Potential in India 2018 and 2025: Nearly 16 GW of 20 GW potential yet to be tapped!

Estimating Demand for Tractors in India by 2024-25: Identifying States that will rev up growth in demand to levels of 11-12 lakhs units by 2024-25?

Demand Outlook on Fork Lift Truck in India by 2025: Electrifying Growth Ahead!

Solar Power Likely to get Eclipsed: Next Wave of NPA in Power Sector Coming Soon!

Estimating Required Thermal Power Plant Capacity by 2030: How Much Thermal Capacity does India require to cater to its base load?

Evaluating Emerging Multi-billion Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Creation Opportunity in India by 2030: Opportunity Sizing, Go to Market Strategy, Business Model, for Charging Stations & Bat...

Hydraulic Cylinder Demand Outlook in India by 2024-25: Growth in Construction, Material Handling and Agriculture Equipment to Trigger Exponential Growth

Commercial Coal Mining in India: Evaluating Potential Business Opportunity, Challenges, Risks, Critical Success Factors, Market Entry & Growth Strategy for Private Companies

Demand Outlook on Farm and Agriculture Equipment Market in India by 2024-25: Ache Din for Agriculture Sector and for Equipment OEMs is Definitely Around!

Demystifying Business Opportunities in Indian Railways plan to fully electrify its rail network by 2021: Electrification of 52% of un-electrified network augurs well for Electrical Equipment OEMs

Quantifying the Emerging Multi-Billion Business opportunity in India's push towards all-Electric Vehicles by 2030: What will it take to translate vision to reality?

India LPG Market by 2030 - Evaluating Demand Outlook & Emerging Business Opportunities

Evaluating the Emerging Demand for Construction Equipment in India by 2024-25: Demand Growth to Surprise all?

India set to become an LNG juggernaut and swing demand in global LNG trade

Renewing or Dismantling Old Thermal Plant is an Emerging Multi-Billion Dollar Business Opportunity

Evaluating Market & Demand Outlook for Aerial Work Platform (AWP) in India by 2024-25

Demand Outlook on Bus Market in India by 2024-25


Evaluating Impact of India Ratifying Paris Climate Change Agreement on Different Industries

Perception Vs Reality around the Solar Sector Opportunity in India: Is the Investment Opportunity Euphoria Sustainable?

Evaluating the Demand Outlook for Wheel Loader Market in India by 2020

InfraInsights Market Research Report on Evaluating the Demand Outlook for Mini Excavator Market in India by 2020

InfraInsights Market Research Report on Evaluating the Demand Outlook for Concrete Pumps in India by 2020

InfraInsights Market Research Report on Evaluating the Demand Outlook for Motor Grader in India by 2020

InfraInsights Market Research Report on Evaluating the Demand Outlook for Pick n Carry Crane in India by 2020

InfraInsights Market Research Report on Evaluating the Demand Outlook for Skid Steer Loader in India by 2020

Ports Equipment Market in India to touch $1 billion by 2025: Quantifying emerging business opportunity for ports equipment manufacturers' as government aims to increase country's port capacity from 1,...

Tractor Market in India by 2025 - Will the industry witness doubling of sales volume by 2025?

Demand Outlook for M&HCV in India by 2025: Uptick in Economic Growth & push to phase out M&HCV over 10 years old can see demand doubling from current levels.

Consents, Clearances and Permits in Energy & Infrastructure Sector in India

Air Pollution Control Equipment Market in India 2020: Focus on Implementation of Air Pollution Control Norms to Unfold Multi-billion Dollar Opportunity

InfraInsights Multi-Client Study: Discovering the True Demand for Power in India by 2025: Should you invest in Power Generation Projects when Discoms Bankruptcy threatens to create Demand Blackout?

Emerging Business Opportunities in Power Transmission & Distribution sector in India by 2020: Potential $40 billion investments means "Achhe Din" for electrical equipment manufacturers & EPC companies...

Opportunities in Isolated, Marginal and Relinquished Oil & Gas Blocks in India- Strategies under New Policy frame work

Demand Outlook on Mining (non-coal), Construction & Material Handling Equipment in India by 2020

Critical Analysis on the Regulations, Bidding Parameters and Evaluation of Captive Coal Blocks under the New Set of Bidding: 2nd Edition

M&A Prospects in Indian Power Generation Sector (Volume 2): Identifying Thermal, Wind, Solar and Biomass Power Plants likely to be up for Sale

Demand Outlook on Mining Equipment Market in India 2020: (What 1 billion tonnes of coal production by 2019 means for mining equipment market in India?)

Implications of Natural Gas Pooling on Natural Gas Infrastructure & Market in India

Impact of Oil Price Crash on Different Industries and Overall Indian Economy

Due Diligence of Captive Coal Blocks up for Bidding |Opportunity Analysis based on Regulatory, Bidding Policy, Geological Profile and Supply-Chain Dynamics

Emerging Opportunity in Coastal Trans-Shipments and Inland Water Ways Shipment in India

Changing Business Landscape and New Set of Challenges & Opportunities in LPG market in India

Power and Distribution Transformer Market in India 2014 and 2020: Will growth momentum resume in Transformer Industry

A Strategic Outlook on the Future Prospects of Lubricants driven by Power, Chemical, Mining and Automotive Sector in India

India’s Future Lies in LNG: An InfraInsights Multi-Client Study Ascertaining Potential Medium to Long Term Sustainable Demand for LNG in India

India Energy Sector Outlook 2017: Assessing Likely Demand ~ Supply Scenario for Electricity, Coal, Oil & Gas by 2017

Natural Gas in India | An Investigation of the Challenging Natural Gas Sector in India

M&A Prospects in Indian Power Generation Sector: Identifying Thermal, Wind, Solar and Biomass Power Plants likely to be up for Sale

Critical Analysis on NELP-X Opportunity: Helping take decision on Go or No-Go