Energy market in India are becoming dynamic and experiencing volatility – a feature largely experienced by open markets, unlike semi-regulated market in India – which makes spotting the trends reflected by the deluge of data points, inevitable for pre-empting the emerging change and accordingly equip businesses / operations to any changes. Energy cost forms a significant component of any energy intensive industry and rise in energy and utility costs pose a serious challenge to enterprises across the globe. This demands companies worldwide to optimize on their energy costs; electricity, fuels, water and water. Analytics can help companies for see the emerging scenario and better prepare to respond to these challenges. InfraInsights, with its subject matter expertise in energy & utilities coupled with capabilities in analytics can help companies monitor, measure, analyse trends, provide insights that can help companies become adaptive and respond to any impending changes in the business environment.

Infra Insights has deep domain and technical expertise in the team with tools like SAS, SPSS, Business Objects etc to help you stay ahead of competition.

Demand ~ Supply Forecast

Model the past, present, likely future, based on set of growth – degrowth assumptions in the business environment to size appropriately the emerging demand and supply scenario in investments, capacities, fuel consumption, electricity demand and supply etc.

Price Forecasting

Fuel price volatility has its own share of advantage and disadvantage, hence it’s important to understand the same under a normalized state. In addition to the same, given India are now having power exchanges, it’s important to foresee the emerging price of Fuel (Coal, HSD, MS, Fuel Oil, CNG, and LPG), electricity spot market price, renewable energy certificate price on power exchanges etc.


Operational and Financial benchmarks are essential to optimize the operations and be closer to the industry benchmarks. InfraInsights will deliver benchmark model detailing out parameters across the business functions and recommended area of improvements vis-à-vis industry benchmark.

Energy Consumption

For utilities, it’s important to understand the growth in consumption across different consumer class; similarly for a process industry it’s important to understand its energy consumption under different operating conditions. InfraInsights through its analytics solutions can help companies to understand their energy consumption patterns by optimizing analytics.