Reliability and Quality, Anytime & on time Research Support

InfraInsights provides customized research and analytical support to help companies take informed and timely business decisions. Our deep domain expertise enables us to customize solutions for specific research needs. Research on Demand engagement model is for companies who struggle to strike balance with their existing manpower to fulfill the need of “continuous and authentic” information and analytics in their business needs, concurrently, taking care of the “pressing and random” one-time queries that arise and can arise at any point in time.

Need for data, information and insights can arise at any given point in time, it’s difficult to time when this need will arise. Seldom there are off the shelf research products that can suffice or cater to the custom research requirement. Data & information is critical component of decision making in any industry and requires specialist to cater to this need as against depending on generalist research units. We at InfraInsights through the Research on Demand services aims to provide round the clock research support services to companies that seek data, information and insights on energy & infrastructure in India and other countries. InfraInsights Research on Demand services will be delivered by subject matter experts in the energy and infrastructure sector in order to ensure timely and high quality delivery. All research requirements that require less than a month effort to deliver is classified as quick turnaround research requirements, InfraInsights would service all these under its Research on Demand service.

Research on Demand - Options


InfraInsights research reports themes are decided by the InfraInsights research team after detailed deliberation with academia, industry and subject matter experts. Table of content of each report depicts proposed coverage of the research reports and these are not altered once freezed. However, as no one size fit all, it is likely that few companies may be interested in the report topic but would want to alter the table of content in order to accommodate company specific research requirement. Reports+ is a service under Research on Demand umbrella that would accommodate such request only if it involves minor tweak / effort in delivering on the desired scope change. Under this model companies will be asked to book the report at a price over and above the price of the report.

Data & Data Visualization

At times companies require data and data visualization in the form of charts, maps, etc... InfraInsights Research on Demand services can quickly turn around such Data only requirements or Data + Data visualization requirement on account of it being familiar with 100's websites that provides energy & infrastructure sector related data and its expertise in Primary Research. Years of research experience and domain expertise makes InfraInsights research team adept in quickly turning around such research requirements.

Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly Updates

Energy & Infrastructure related sector developments are regularly sought after by companies in the form of newsletter, tracker etc. InfraInsights can provide these updates at an interval sought after by client for a minimum of 1 year commitment from client side. These can be sector specific trackers like Power, Oil & Gas, Coal, Roads, Highways, Water and others, these trackers will track policy development, project announcements, key executive changes, tenders, investments etc. The overall scope of coverage will be defined by clients; InfraInsights can collaborate in defining the scope of coverage. Pricing of these trackers & custom newsletters will depend on the sector and duration agreed upon by client.

Custom Research

Custom research involves working on scope of work shared by client within a timeline set by the client. InfraInsights will predominantly leverage desk research and telephonic research expertise to deliver such requirements. Custom research requirement types can range from few days to few weeks. All less than 1 month or 4 weeks research requirement falls under Custom Research service within Research on Demand services.

Call for instant data / information support:

At times companies require instant data and information support and the need for the same can arise at occasion like preparing board presentation, preparing analyst report, preparing strategy presentation etc... and such requirements require immediate support as it can't wait for days or months. Such research support can be delivered under InfraInsights Research Support - on Call. This type of requirement will be met on a priority basis and can range from ASAP to 24 hrs timeframe. This service will be extended only to clients that would subscribe to InfraInsights annual research on demand services.

Research on Demand - Contracting Models


Charged based on man days requirement assessed and agreed at proposal stage. This model doesn't involve getting into any contract and follows a more project to project basis approach.

Monthly Contract

Companies having research requirement at a regular interval can get into a monthly contract. Under monthly contract a fixed number of research on demand hours gets credited to the company and the same can be utilized within a defined period of one month.

Annual Contract

Annual contract is a signed for fixed number of research resources at a fixed man day rate. This is a model akin to setting up a captive research unit for a company within InfraInsights.