Weekly Newsletter

'Subscriber' means the individual or organization that has subscribed to weekly newsletter published by InfraInsights (InfraInsights Consulting Private limited) ,If either there is a change in the subscriber's email address or the subscriber leaves the organization, kindly mail us on info@infrainsights.com to ensure the update our records, failure to which InfraInsights shall not be held responsible for the non receipt of the services and to ensure that the subscribers does not miss out on any of the issues during the tenure of the subscription.

Research Reports

In case of Research Reports, no refund will be made on the order once it is placed.

Delivery Policy

The orders of published reports are dispatched through courier or emailed. They should reach the subscriber within 7 working days after receipt of payment.

For discounted orders of reports prior to their publication, the dispatch will be soon after the targeted report publication date. Though all attempts will be made to meet the targeted publication date, InfraInsights reserves the right to modify the publication date unilaterally with information to said subscribers.

In case of the non-receipt of any subscribed product, the subscriber should contact info@infrainsights.com within the said delivery date.