India is the largest tractor market in the world and hence one of the most important markets for all the leading Indian and global companies having Tractor in its farm equipment portfolio. However, when one compares the prevailing density of tractors in India to some of the leading economies, one would find that its way below the world average. Hence, the headroom for growth is immense and given that agriculture has huge weight in the overall economy, economic growth will not be possible without growth in agriculture.
Demand for tractor is highly dependent on good monsoon and government support on maintaining MSPs at an attractive levels for the farmers. The tractor industry in India grew at a CAGR of 12% from yearly volume levels 1983 units in 1963-64 to over ~600,000 units in 2015-16. Industry saw two strong waves of growth of 10% CAGR in 1973-2000 (27 years) and 2003-2014 (11 years). Trend analysis indicates that the industry typically witnesses 3-4 years of good higher teen CAGR growth followed by a lull period of 2 years. Also, the resurgence in demand were as strong as the drop in volume during lull period. After witnessing a peak volume of over 700000 units in 2013-14, Industry has plummeted to levels of sub 600000 units in 2015-16. Thanks to good monsoon in 2016-17 and favorable monsoon condition expected in next 2 years, tractor industry is expected to witness 15-18% growth over the next 2 years.
Urban Local Bodies
InfraInsights research report " Tractor Market in India by 2025 - Will the industry witness doubling of sales volume by 2025?" will build scenarios to project the volumes industry is likely to see by 2025. Report will be an intensive primary and secondary research based outcome that will help industry get a view on demand environment over the next 10 years. Report will help companies understand the demand dynamics at national and state level, hp wise demand for tractors and factors that will lead to expansion of 50 hp and above tractors. InfraInsights will also conduct interviews with farmers across states and regions to understand the factors that will drive decision to purchase tractor and factors that will make end consumer replace their existing tractor.
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Research Approach & Methodology
  3. Tractor Market Landscape
    1. Key OEMs
    2. Key demand pockets
    3. Market classification by capacity ratings
    4. Demand variables
    5. Distribution structures
    6. Replacement cycle
  4. Trends in Tractor Sales in India
    1. Year wise production, sales & exports
    2. Month wise production, sales & exports
  5. State wise Installed base of Tractors in India as on 2015-16
  6. Tractor Manufacturing Capacity in India
    1. Manufacturing capacity of different OEMs
      1. Manufacturing plants locations
      2. Capacity
    2. Trend in capacity utilization
  7. Tractor Market in 2015-16
    1. Market by OEMs
    2. Market by capacity ratings
      1. Less than 30 hp
      2. 30-40 hp
      3. 40-50 hp
      4. Above 50 hp
    3. Market by States / Regions
    4. Market by states / region and OEMs
    5. Market by New vs Replacement
    6. Market by Domestic Sales Vs Exports
    7. Market by Domestic Vs Imports
  8. Benchmarking OEMs
    1. National Market Share
    2. Regional Market Share
    3. HP wise Market Share
    4. Product Portfolio
    5. Exports volume
    6. Sales & Distribution Network
    7. Customer Outreach Strategy
    8. Product Pricing
  9. Trend analysis on Rainfall & MSP for Crops
  10. Scenarios for Forecast
    1. Pessimistic - taking cue from trend line in monsoon and msp
    2. Realistic - good monsoon in next 2 years followed by 1 or 2 years of below avg monsoon & one off MSP hike
    3. Optimistic - continuous 3-4 years of good monsoon backed by MSP hikes
    4. Replacement cycle
    5. Interest rate cycle
  11. Projected demand for New Tractors by 2025 - Demand side forecast modelling by scenarios
    1. Demand by States / Region
    2. Demand by hp rating
    3. Demand - New Vs Replacement
    4. Market share of OEMs by States / Regions (basis S&D network expansion, new product launches etc...)
    5. Market Share of OEMs by hp rating within each states / regions
  12. Projected demand for New Tractors by 2025 - Supply side forecasting
  13. Industry SWOT & PESTEL Analysis
  14. Company Profiles
    1. M&M
    2. Tafe
    3. Escorts
    4. International Tractors Ltd
    5. John Deere
    6. New Holland Tractors
    7. Same Deutz-Fahr
    8. VST Tiller
    9. Force Motors

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