The Indian Mini Excavator Industry has been trying to establish its foothold in the overall market for construction equipment. And this try seems to have worked as the market is said to have increased from levels of ~60 units in 2007-08 to about 500 units in 2013-14. The maturity of the construction equipment user industry in India has been improving as a result the acceptance of modular and compact equipment like skid steer loader, mini excavator, mini tandem roller etc. has been increasing by every passing year. It’s been realized by the construction fraternity that the construction equipment fleet should be flexible to accommodate modular to heavy duty construction equipment.  InfraInsights is of the view that momentum in adoption of modular equipment in the fleet will increase in the times to come and one can see many takers for the compact equipment class of construction equipment. Mini excavator is a classic equipment and a must have to undertake excavation related task in areas that are difficult to access, for instance, trenching activity in a narrow by lane of suburb Mumbai can be only done by mini excavators has even backhoe will find it difficult to access such points. InfraInsights sees mini excavator emerging as a must have tool for all infrastructure overhaul projects in densely populated areas where space constraint will make deployment of backhoe loader or excavator impossible task.

Demand for Mini excavator will be driven by activity in construction sector and all the indicators are indicating that construction sector growth will surprise one and all. Huge amount of public sector expenditure has been announced in the union budget and that’s likely to see significant demand for equipment, demand from the construction industry which is further bifurcated into two i.e. real estate and infrastructure industries. And, with smart cities in the pipeline, increasing infrastructural investment in road construction and housing projects will ensure growth of the mini excavator market in India.

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Construction Equipment Market Landscape
    1. Growth drivers
    2. Manufacturing Capabilities
    3. Imports scenario
    4. Export scenario
    5. Factors influencing growth
    6. Key constraints
  4. Factors that drive demand for C&E equipment in India
  5. Mini Excavator Market Landscape in India
    1. Market overview
    2. Key players
    3. Manufacturing Vs Imports
    4. Growth Trends (2008 till 2016)
    5. Application Matrix
    6. Key growth drivers

     6.   Mini Excavator Market Size & Share 2015-16

  1. Installed Capacity Vs Capacity Utilization
  2. Market size by OEMs
  3. Market size by capacity rating
  4. Market size by end use application
  5. Market size by end user industry segment
  6. Market size by own vs lease
  7. Market size by region / states
  8. Market size by channel
  9. Market size by domestic vs imports

Usage norm for Mini Excavator across different industries

  1.  Key future growth drivers
    1. Capacity Expansion in Cement Industry
    2. Coal production of 1 billion tonnes by 2020
    3. Doubling of port capacity by 2022; handling bulk minerals
    4. Minerals & Stones Output slated to double in next 5 years
  2. Benchmarking / Comparison ofMini Excavator of different OEMs

    a.     Technical Spec

    b.    Pricing

    c.     After Sales Support

    d.    Market Hold / Brand Recall

    e.     Customer Satisfaction

  3. Mini Excavator Market Size & Share Projections 2019-20
    1. Project capacity expansion
  4. b.    Market size by OEMs

    c.     Market size by capacity rating

    d.    Market size by end use application

    e.     Market size by end user industry segment

    f.     Market size by own vs lease

    g.    Market size by region / states

    h.     Market size by channel

    i.      Market size by domestic vs imports

  5. Company Profiles
    1. Tata Hitachi
    2. Sany
    3. CAT
    4. JCB
    5. Doosan
    6. Terex
    7. L&T
    8. Hyundai

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