The Union Budget FY15 has been engaging for the infrastructure segment. The budget is perceived not only as directional, but also as a starting point for the critical infrastructure segments such as: Reality, Water & Irrigation, Roads & Highways and Ports. The budget gives a clear message that the incumbent government realizes the need for holistic measures to revive, de-bottle neck and promote the transportation infrastructure in India.


India’s hinterland is maily serviced by Railways and Roads & Highways since long. All the same, a majority of import & export takes place via ports spread along the India coastline. However, the prospects of hinterland movement via inland water-ways and coastal trans-shipment has long being neglected by the change agents at the centres and also at state level. The mounting stress on railway and road as the only preffered (read available) is a positive sign for the growth and development of inland waterways in the feasible routes and promoting coastal trans-shipment across the nation. The recent budget very well resonate with these prospects.

Transcripts of the announcements made by the Finance Minister:

“Sixteen new port projects are proposed to be awarded this year with a focus on port connectivity”

“Development of inland waterways can improve vastly the capacity for the transportation of goods and so a project on the river Ganga called 'Jal Marg Vikas' (National Waterways-I) will be developed between Allahabad and Haldia to cover a distance of 1,620 km. This would enable commercial navigation of at least 1,500 tonne vessels”

All the same, the government intends to develop 12 dry ports in order to accelerate connectivity for boosting exports, decongesting infrastructure at major terminals and also de-centralizing the statutory formalities, by creating reverine ports.

InfraInsights through its report, “Emerging Opportunity in Coastal Trans-Shipments and Inland Water Ways Shipment in India” unlocks this untapped and under-explored potential in the country. The objective of the report is to highlight the potential business opportunities, infrastructure gaps and way-forward for industries, EPC companies, vessel & barge manufacturing companies, logistics companies, project developers, bankers, investors, etc. InfraInsights strongly feels that the waterways potential needs to be tapped in the right direction and a successful model needs to be developed which can be replicated in the rest of the country.

 Executive Summary;

2.     Understanding Coastal Trans-Shipment and Inland Waterways and its advantages

3.     Case Study of Global practices for Inland Waterways and how the potential has been leveraged

4.     Understanding the framework for Coastal Trans-Shipment and Inland Waterways in India

a.     Regulatory & Policy structure

b.     Government agencies and Nodal bodies responsible for Coastal Trans-Shipment and Inland Waterways in India

c.     Key players engaged in Coastal Trans-Shipment and Inland Waterways, such as: Port companies, logistics players, barge/vessel companies, etc

d.     Players currently relying on Coastal Trans-Shipment and Inland Waterways for supply of fuel, raw material and import & export of products

5.     Outlining Inland waterways opportunities in India

a.     Potential regions where Coastal Trans-Shipment and Inland Waterways is feasible

b.     Existing Coastal Trans-Shipment and Inland Waterways routes

c.     Envisaged Coastal Trans-Shipment and Inland Waterways projects, status, infrastructure requirements

d.     Outlining the drivers for Coastal Trans-Shipment and Inland Waterways in India

6.     Mapping of projects along select Inland waterways and their hinterland

a.     Mapping of existing and upcoming Coastal Trans-Shipment and Inland Waterways along Eastern and North-Eastern Region

b.     Detailing of current infrastructure and key players associated in Coastal Trans-Shipment and Inland Waterways, including:

1.     Port infrastructure capacity, means of loading & unloading, availability of draft

2.     Connectivity of riverine ports with major ports

3.     Possibility of offshore loading & unloading: barges to vessel and vice versa

4.     Status of hinterland infrastructure: Road and Railway connectivity from the riverine ports

c.     Outlining the projects along these routes in the vicinity of the river and in the hinterland

d.     Outlining the Cargo opportunities (tonnage) based on the projects located along the riverine ports and hinterland

7.   Viability analysis for Trans-Shipment and Inland Waterways

8.     Case Study:

a.     Inland Waterways transportation in North East Region

b.     Coastal tras-shipment, say from Paradip Port to Krishnapatnam Port

9.     Assessment of overall investment size for unlocking the Trans-Shipment and Inland Waterways potential in India,

a.     Potential locations for riverine ports for Inland waterways and coastal trans-shipment

b.     Port infrastructure related, especially for riverine ports for Inland Waterways

c.     Ship building/barges/container vessels opportunities based on existing trend for coastal trans-shipment and potential cargo movement (tonnage) in inland water-ways based on riverine projects

d.     River channel related for dredging and widening of river routes for Inland water-ways

10.  Emerging Opportunities from Trans-Shipment and Inland Waterways for different stakeholders (Equipments, Construction, BOT) in areas, such as:

a.     Port infrastructure: Terminal, Jetties, Shore cranes, etc

b.     Ship building/ barges/ container vessels

c.     River conditioning work: Dredging work

11.  Identifying the power projects that are either currently or likely in future going to be depending on Coastal Trans-Shipment and Inland Waterways in India and why?

12.  InfraInsights Point of View

o    List of tables

o    List of figures

o    Abbreviations

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